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Every sixth man between 20 and 70 years of age experiences some kind of erection problem, and after the age of 40, one out of two men suffers from erectile dysfunction. We are talking about the inability of achieving and maintaining an erection strong and long lasting enough, to suffice for successful sexual intercourse.


The causes for erectile dysfunction are in more than 80% of cases of a biological origin, meaning they are consequences of veneral, nervous or hormonal disorders and diseases. In approximately 10% of cases, however, the erectile dysfunction can be classified as psychogenic. That is more common with younger men and is usually a result of work overload, stress, depression, lack of sexual intercourse, fear of failure, etc. Typical of this type of ED is, that men still achieve normal erection under certain circumstances, for instance during masturbation or when experiencing wet dreams.

The predominant share of ED cases can therefore be attributed to biological reasons and not psychological ones, as was once mistakenly assumed. Besides that, also is older age by itself not necessarily a reason for the development of ED, but rather the diseases and disorders that more frequently appear with that age.

The reasons for erectile dysfunction of biological origin are along with the diseases also the bad habits and a body-harming lifestyle that goes with them. As such, strong risk factors for ED include smoking, excessive consumption of alcohol and drugs, lack of physical activity, etc. And among the diseases which often cause ED we find atherosclerosis, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, prostatitis, neurological disorders (multiple sclerosis, parkinsons, epilepsy,..), lung diseases, liver and kidney disorders and last but not least, vascular states that affect blood circulation and vessels.


Among the symptoms are possible changes in the amount of body hair (hormonal disorders), excess body weight, high blood pressure or in short, all indicators that point to a unhealthy lifestyle, and also the signs of aforementioned diseases, which are commonly associated with erection problems.

However, not all causes for PE, which are not psychological, are necessarily associated with diseases. There can be some other possible reasons as well:
-Surgical removal of prostate or bladder cancer, which often includes removal of nerve tissue in the surrounding area, can also result in temporary erection problems (around 6-18 months) or even permanent damage – in that case, a long-lasting treatment is required to eventually overcome erectile dysfunction.
-Reasons for ED can also come from physical damage, usually penis, pelvis, bladder or spinal cord injury.
-Hormonal imbalances of testosterone, prolactin or thyroid hormones can also affect how a man responds to sexual stimulation. Those imbalances can show as consequences of a possible pituitary gland tumor, kidney or liver diseases, or as a result of a hormonal cancer therapy.
-One of the reasons for ED can also be 'veneral leaking', meaning that the veins inside the penis are unable to prevent the blood draining from the penis during erection, deeming it impossible to maintain erection. Veneral leaking can be a symptom of some kind of injury or disease.
-The aforementioned excessive consumption of alcohol, cigarettes and drug abuse, which damage the blood vessels in the long term, and by that limit the amont of bloodflow from and into the penis, are a very common factor resulting in erectile dysfunction.
-More than 200 kinds of perscription medication can also cause erectile dysfunction as a side effect of treatment


To get an objective evaluation of your erection problems, you can try filling out an IIEFP medical questionnaire, which can easily be found online.

As erectile dysfunction can also be a symptom of some yet undiagnosed or untreated medical condition, a consultation with your doctor is needed, who will firstly conduct an interview and then, if necessary, perform further tests and analysis.


Erectile dysfunction can be treated in numeours ways:
-using medication such as viagra, levitra, cialis (which can be found in our online store), which work predominantly in a way that they broaden the blood vessels in the penis and with that enable a much stronger erection
-a surgical procedure, which can in some cases allow for a better bloodflow into the penis and prevents the blood to drain out too fast
-a vacuum pump, creating negative pressure, causing the penis to fill up with blood and swell, which can then be followed by wearing a pressure ring, which prevents the blood to flow out of the penis. this method, however, has a limited time frame.
-by injecting a vasoactive matter using a micro syringe into the brecile body of the penis - the prerequisite for this method is a proper healthy functioning of veins

Other treatment options also exist, when dealing with psychogenic form of ED for instance, the most crucial and successful option is an open and honest talk with your partner or a therapist. In any case, caution is advised regarding side effects of some drugs.